CI Cloud

Introducing CI Cloud: Elevating Cloud Solutions to New Heights

In an era defined by the exponential growth of data, CI Cloud stands as a pinnacle of technological innovation, seamlessly integrating your devices, data streams, and actionable insights. Our cloud platform, distinguished by its sophisticated architecture and user-centric interface, empowers users to harness the full potential of their data with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

A Paradigm Shift in Cloud Computing

At the core of CI Cloud is an intuitive, application-based interface, redefining the user experience with data. With effortless simplicity, data is sent to the cloud, becoming a dynamic resource accessible across a diverse spectrum of applications. Whether managing video resources or standalone CCTV devices, CI Cloud offers limitless possibilities.

Unleashing Data’s True Potential

CI Cloud excels in connecting video management software and CCTV devices, capturing vital telemetry data concerning device health, while seamlessly receiving data streams from edge analytics and video analytic engines. This synergy generates a wealth of metadata, fueling informed decision-making.

Precision Alerts at Your Fingertips

Our platform boasts a robust rules engine that raises the bar in alerting. Picture receiving instantaneous notifications when critical events unfold—boundary breaches, extended loitering, hardware anomalies, and real-time online monitoring. With CI Cloud, conditions can be meticulously customized, triggering notifications via email, push notifications, and external HTTP requests, ensuring swift and informed responses.

Tailored Dashboards, Crafted Your Way

Recognizing the uniqueness of every user, CI Cloud empowers individuals to curate their own experience. Each dashboard app is fully customizable, featuring resizable, draggable components that can be arranged to suit your specific requirements. Personalize your workspace to ensure that your data is always within reach and presented exactly as you prefer.

At CI Cloud, we believe that data is more than raw information—it’s the life force of your operations. Our mission is to assist you in converting this data into actionable insights that drive your success. Join us on this transformative journey and discover a cloud platform meticulously designed to meet your needs. Welcome to CI Cloud, where innovation converges with intelligence, and the future unfolds before you.


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People Counting

Either using edge analytics or analytics engine, people count data can be visualized into a dashboard app

KYC Facial Recognition

With the help of ethical facial recognition software, KYC data can be anonymously collected to generate information about people visiting your business. Age is estimated within a few years while gender is being detected and Ethnicity.

POS keywords

When POS systems are integrated there are multiple pathways to display data, within this app keywords can be detected to show how often the item is processed through the POS. In this example we are monitoring sales of a few products from an RSL club.

License Plate Recognition

When using LPR cameras, the metadata is fed directly into the system where white list and black lists are managed. Each LPR recognition is also sent to cloud for monitoring where rules can be configured for alerts from the scanned plates.