Our Steps

We are Developers and Distributors of cloud connected integrated hardware with the primary purpose of helping business owners make sense of their business, increasing profitability and overall business efficiency.

01 Research

Find quality cyber secure networkable hardware for Smart Business and Smart Home applications

02 Cloud Platform and VMS Integration

Integrate the device to the Sence™ Platform and XVR Video Management Software

03 Partner

Engage with a 'natural fit' partner to market and install the solution


Our Journey

An 11 year journey starting as Australasia\'s only developer of CCTV technologies for SMB...

Focus on Hardware and Growth

We moved our software development and platform to ’Sence Technologies’ allowing it to focus on development of software and integrations for specific industries around SMB. This allows CI to focus on integrated hardware, building a dealer network with a particular focus on Retail Technologies and solving business issues using Video AI

Neural Network

Develop a ‘Neural’ distributed process approach to cloud allowing for global expansion, solving of complex business problems with custom web app and allowing other technology companies to host our solutions

Business Events

Develop a Business Event architecture to connect our VMS, Cloud and other other business devices together

Open Architecture

Cloud architecture is made open to support the monitoring of other business devices. We start ODM manufacturing our own range of quality IP cameras

Video Management Server

Redevelop our PC based DVR into a 64Ch IP based VMS (Video Management Server) with integrated Cloud Monitoring

Platform for Equipment Monitoring

Develop a Cloud Platform for monitoring the health of CCTV equipment and start importation of quality Korean SDi DVR’s and cameras

PC-DVR Development

We start development of a PC-Linux analogue/SDi 64 channel DVR

POS Middleware

We develop middleware to integrate Point of Sale to a DVR at an IP level allowing basket data to be added to recorded video

World First CCTV App

We develop the worlds first iPhone App to live stream CCTV cameras from a DVR allowing business owners to manage their businesses remotely