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AI Integrated: CCTV | Metadata | Video | DL VCA | Machine Learning | Cloud Native | Open Platform

Designed for the SMB market.
VMS, with per-configured AI apps natively connected to cloud based BI dashboards and event systems.

Why Video Management Server

  • VMS is designed to be used often (unlike cheap Plug n Play Chinese CCTV), its Fast & Powerful saving valuable time.
  • It’s serviceable and repairable over a 5-year period with a higher MTBF, VMS is software while the hardware can be replaced and repaired.
  • Capable of 64 cameras simultaneous Playback.
  • Local Factory support and upgrades
  • Streams HD Video fast across the internet
  • Cyber Secure
  • Connect Different makes and models of cameras
  • In-built Pro Deep Learning Video analytics
  • Flexibility to change VMS software providers

Easy to use

  • Aimed at the SMB 1-64 camera market
  • Intuitive to use
  • Save custom Layouts depending on user
  • Matrix video across 3 additional monitors
  • Multi-Client supports unlimited servers up to 64 cameras per server live and playback.

Advance Image De-Warping

  • Save custom views as a virtual camera.
  • Smooth de-warping live and playback on client and mobile
  • Makes it easy to follow people and activities
  • A minimum of 12 megapixels resolution allows accurate viewing over a large areas

360 Normal View

A single 360 view over the front serving area.

360 2×2 De-Warp

The same 360 but split into a 2×2 with each square that can be moved and set into place. 3×3 can also be done to split a single 360 into a 9 camera view.

Easy Administration.

Admin Panel is easy to use, simple layout and lugin based.

  • Multi Server
  • Automatic upload of config file to cloud
  • User Management
  • Video Aging
  • ONVIF friendly
  • Deep Integration into multiple camera manufacture
  • Event management
  • stationary object detection

Business Management

  • This VMS and Cloud combination was designed from the ground up with business management and reporting in mind.
  • Customer, staff, asset, compliance, safety blah blah
  • Return on investment within 12 months in most cases
  • Increase in business efficiency
  • Less owner presence required
  • Improved staff efficiency & training
  • OH&S compliance
  • reduce exposure to litigation
  • shrinkage & theft prevention
  • wastage & poor stock control
  • workplace fraud
  • employee ans customer safety

Cyber Secure

  • Penetration tested
  • to better understand banned standalone CCTV products with ‘Back Door’s that expose your networks – research www.ipvm.com
  • IP isolate leaky vulnerable cameras
  • Diagram – show how connecting leaky cameras to XVR ‘cleans’ them
  • Link to china video

Custom Solutions

  • Our VMS-Cloud combiantion is like ‘lego’, it can be molded to create a custom business management solution.
  • We can consult with your client or industry vertical to create an integrated solution to increase business efficiency, profitability, safety and security.