Pro Secure CCTV


8-32 Channels – 4K – High Bandwidth

  • Cheaper mass market NVR’s don’t have the power to properly process that data required for 4K resolutions. This is seen with limitations placed on the number of cameras and their resolutions that can be played back at once. Our NVR’s are ultra high bandwidth and can support playback of 16+ cameras at once in HD

  • Our Pro NVR’s use an external POE switch for redundancy

  • Cloud management and connectivity


  • Quality P-Iris Lens’s

  • Superior color and contrast

  • MTBF 7-8 years

Health Monitoring

  • Free for 5 years

Cyber Security

These products have been evaluated by an external Cyber Team.

Our CCTV market and overall security has been compromised by cheap unregulated product being imported primarily from China.

The main area’s of concern are:

  • Our privacy and intellectual property being compromised by poorly designed software leading to easy exploits by hackers, hidden ‘backdoors’ in the software by CCP controlled manufacturers

  • Use of ‘economy grade’ components with a MTBF of 2-3 years which makes the product cheaper but sees it deteriorate in quality and potentially fail after a few years

  • P2P networking, which if used gives full access to the product (and potentially your network) to a foreign entity

  • 100’s of OEM brands of banned product on the market

  • Designed as disposable product, not backwards compatible with previous versions

IPVM is a leading independent testing authority on security technology, including video, access control, weapons detection, and more.

To understand more on this topic, type into IPVM’s search engine ‘NDAA Blacklist’, ‘Back Door’, ‘Government Ban’ and ‘OEM Directory’ (to see banned product being sold under alternate brands)