Cloud Intelligence Values


Cloud Intelligence has established relationships with many industry leaders and cultivated partnerships that jointly deliver superior products and services.

Cloud Intelligence delivers solutions of superior flexibility and robust performance. Cloud Intelligence products and services are designed to provide added value to customers’ businesses. To ensure consistent performance, Cloud Intelligence maintains its competitive edge through high quality research and development, validating its effort against top industry standards. Instead of manual processes, Cloud Intelligence solutions and products are designed to enable automatic and intelligent workflows, which minimize expenditure and maximize return on investment.


Maintaining the Level of Excellence We Deliver


Cloud Intelligence keeps a closer eye on the current market environment. Cloud Intelligence tailor-makes the solutions and products for each stage in the workflow by identifying where to maximize productivity and minimize expenditure. Cloud Intelligence keenly observes and tracks market trends to deduct future industry direction and strategize our product roadmaps.


Understanding Your Needs


Cloud Intelligence values the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction by providing well-integrated workflow systems that maximize return on investment. Cloud Intelligence understands the urgency of having a system that is always reliable and productive. Cloud Intelligence offers partnership programs that provide customers with the support you need to improve your business opportunities.





Headquartered in Sydney - Australia, Cloud Intelligence has developed a reputation for being an innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced enterprise digital video surveillance hardware and software products and peripheral solutions for small, medium and large businesses. The Company is a true "single-source" manufacturer providing end-to-end hardware and software solutions, which can also interoperate seamlessly with many third-party products. First and foremost Cloud Intelligence is a solution provider and we proudly manufacture in Australia. Cloud Intelligence works closely with its technology and integration partners from the design-consulting phase through implementation, integration and training. Our solutions can be seen globally from local commercial operations to sensitive government locations.

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